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Return of the Ponds at Gnoll Country Park!

Visitors to Gnoll Country Park may have noticed the transformation of a wetland area of the park. Over the last 15 years, the ponds that could once be found here have become overgrown and were all but gone.

wetland area gnoll country park
The ponds were all but gone.

This was a problem for the amphibians that used to breed here and the other pond life that called this area home. This year, the Friends of Gnoll Park successfully applied to the NPT LNP Grant Fund to restore these ponds.

With the help of a mini digger and plenty of elbow grease from the Friends of Gnoll Park, the ponds are now restored!

restored ponds at Gnoll Country Park

tadpoles in restored pond at Gnoll Country Park

The ponds are specially designed to have plenty of shallow sloping areas, where the most plant and animal life is usually found in ponds. The surrounding grassy habitat provides space for animals to live when they are not in the ponds. The wetland area is now back to being a haven for nature in the Park and tadpoles have already been spotted making the most of the restored area.

Let's give a round of applause to the Friends of Gnoll Park for their dedication and teamwork!

The NPT LNP Grant Fund is made possible by the Welsh Government Local Places for Nature fund.

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