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Margam Country Park - A paradise for bats! 🦇

In the UK, we have 18 native species of bat and at Margam Park, we are fortunate enough to have 14 species. Margam Castle is one of the most important buildings for bats in the whole of Wales. Margam Castle and the surrounding parkland has a fantastic range of habitats that benefit bats, including woodlands, water bodies, open tracts of land and a variety of lochs suitable for a number of species.

This captivating video from the wildlife team at NPT Council takes you deep into the heart of Margam Park, where you'll see first-hand the magical flight of these elusive creatures. From the least common bat to the least soprano bat and beyond, explore the diverse species that call this beautiful landscape home.

If you would like to know more or have any questions about bats, get in touch with the team at

Would you like to join us for a bat walk? Keep an eye on the What's On page.

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